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meet our Chief Innovation Officer

Matteo Pietrobelli

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Highly driven Structural, Civil and Systems Engineer with a strong track record executing complex multi-billion dollar construction projects, spanning transportation, marine, and highrise (residential and commercial) structures. Led the design, engineering and integration of systems in high-speed train railway-line, multi-building complex and award winning bridge/infrastructure projects, Hyperloop Transportation Systems, and Floating cities and Infrastructures in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. Experienced in integration of digital and physical infrastructures for the purpose of risk assessment and optimization of system resiliency and performance, such as Structural Health Monitoring Systems, he is able to seamlessly move between disciplines and solve problems related to structural and systems engineering.

He is passionate about exponential technologies and their potential to solve big global challenges.

3X founder of cutting-edge companies focused on concrete 3D printing and advanced structural modelling (Nomogram), and aeroponic and hydroponic fresh produce vertical farming (Agripublica). His skill-set includes R&D, taking products from research to commercialization, interfacing between clients and consultants/contractors developing and protecting IP assets. Proficient in manipulating geometries and wireframes, while utilizing commercial and advanced software.

Matteo is leading the design and engineering of the physical and digital systems, with a specific trend towards the development of Smart Floating Cities and Infrastructures integrated through digital twins and Metaverse for multi-tiered environmental, Resilient and Sustainable development.

He has a global perspective and spent more than half of his life working and residing in different countries, including Switzerland, China, Algeria, Togo, Madagascar, Nigeria, India, France, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and USA.

He is fluent in Italian, French (native) and English and speaks a bit of Russian and Chinese.


Mark Alan

Founder & CEO

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Brandon Kortokrax


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